Why set up a buddy program?

Having a buddy helps new hires navigate an organization’s unspoken cultural norms, build up their networks, and get deeper context about the organization - all of which leads to them feeling more engaged, confident, and productive.

Zavvy’s buddy recipient allows you automatically remind buddies to welcome their new hires on their first day, set up casual lunch breaks individually or with the team, and be there in key moments throughout their journey as new employees at your company.

Create Steps for Buddies in your Onboarding


Step 1: Steps for the Buddy

<aside> 👉 Create steps for buddies in your Onboarding Journey.


For example:

You’re free to create whatever fits best with your company’s processes. However, to get you started we created a library of templates for messages, tasks or questions to send to your buddies:

Step 2: Buddy as step recipient

As every new hire has their own individual buddy, the buddy is a dynamic role.

<aside> 👉 Select the Assignee’s buddy as dynamic role in the dropdown for every step the buddy is supposed to receive.



Find Buddies for new hires

Once your new hire starts you need to define their buddy. There are many ways for you to decide who the buddy of your new hire is. For example:

  1. Choose buddies and assign them to every new hire individually,

  2. Send a survey in your company and ask for volunteers to be randomly assigned, or

  3. Ask a new hire’s manager to choose a buddy.

    <aside> 🤖 You can automate this with Zavvy’s question step. Just include a question-step to the new hire’s manager a few weeks before the new hire’s start date and ask them to answer with the name of a buddy. This way you don’t need to spend time to find a buddy for every new and can just assign the buddy their manager proposes. You can add the new hire’s buddy anytime, even after the Onboarding journey has started.


Assign buddies on Zavvy

In order for Zavvy to be able to notify the right buddy, you need to assign your new hire their buddy on Zavvy.

Navigate to the People tab and find your new hire by looking for them in the added employees table.

In the column called Buddy type to search for the buddy you would like to assign to your new hire.

<aside> 🚨 Remember: Whenever you add a new hire, you also need to add & assign them their buddy.


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<aside> ❓ If you have any further questions contact [email protected] to request a demo.


Last updated: 31.01.2022